1 MAR 21 - Juman Energy Group launches a state-of-the-art website. 15 FEB 21 - Juman Energy Group signs contract with Honeywell.
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Technology is transforming our business. From enhancing productivity to helping identify emerging trends so that we can make better connections with our customers, technology is changing the way we operate. The proud collaborations we have with some of the most prestigious partners within our industry are essential to our success. Maintaining close working relationships with all our partners keeps us at the forefront of technology and our customers abreast of the latest developments. Our “partner techno-system” constantly delivers developments and innovations that allow us to design and engineer perfect solutions.

Process, Measurement and controls

Pressure Control Valve

Industrial Software and Solutions

Industrial Automation and Drive Solutions

Measurement Solutions

Flare Gas Meter

Heat Exchanger & Pressure Vessels

High Pressure Water Cleaning & Cold Cutting

Level Instruments & Switches

Control Valves

Industrial Virtual Reality (VR)

Real Time data management

Loading Arms

Dry Deluge Testing Systems

Rapture Disc

Engineering Services

Level Instruments & Switches

Metal to Metal Sealed Valves

Industrial Software & IT Solutions

Digitalization and Analytics

Oil in Water Analyzers

Harl Communicator

Reciprocating Compressor

Condition Monitoring & Partial Discharge

Instrumentation valves & Fittings

Control Valves