E&I Consolidating presense offshore

Since the beginning of the year, E&I has steadily been increasing order intake and building our backlog, which currently stands at more than 100 Million Dirhams. In particular, the team has secured quite a few projects offshore, reinforcing their client’s confidence in their ability to deliver to satisfaction. In addition to the Well Hook-Up projects that were secured and are now being executed, E&I also secured two very unique Off-shore projects currently in the early stages of execution:

Power Line Carrier (PLC) Upgrade for Zakum Central Complex and North & South Satellite Platforms

ADNOC Offshore awarded E&I a Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction project to upgrade their existing Power Line Carrier System. The project involves decommissioning the existing PLC equipment at the Central Complex and Satellite Platforms and replacing it all with new Tele Protection Systems while changing the telecommunication signal transmission aspect using existing Fiber Optic Cable Links and MicroWave Circuits between the Central Complex and the Satellite Platforms. The PLC systems use existing 22 kV submarine cables to transfer status and control signals between the Central Complex and Satellite Platforms. The PLC systems are the only means of communication for Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) signals between the Central Complex and the Satellite Platforms, but they also act as backup communications media for low-speed data links and hotlines. The Design and Engineering phase is near complete. The Tele Protection Systems are being built in France and are expected to be delivered later this year.

Hook Up of Downhole Gauges and Downhole Temperature Sensors to Permanent Facilities

E&I was awarded a Procurement and Construction project to connect the signals from Down-Hole Gauges and Distributed Temperature Sensors installed in multiple wells across different artificial islands to the permanent control systems in existing equipment rooms. The real-time data provided by these down-hole instruments are essential for producers to operate and extract resources efficiently. Procurement of all the necessary Fiber Optic & Instrument Cables and accessories is in an advanced stage and we expect to start construction works on site later this year.